Offices, Headquarters and Collective Buildings

CNR Headquarter Arsenale

CNR Headquarter Arsenale

New headquarters of the National Research Centre in Venice in the halls 101-104 of the “Novissima”

Venice 2008

An Hospital Bunker

An Hospital Bunker

Reuse to offices of an abandoned bunker to the Arsenale Nord of Venice

Venice 2010

Workplaces are undergoing profound transformations, both because the work is changing quickly modes and characteristics, and because today communication techniques allow to operate simultaneously in several places, reducing the physical distances between people and workstations. In this sense, Cecchetto&Associati has worked on the horse of change, evaluating and designing new possible future scenarios. Making the workspaces able to accommodate the new working conditions. The Cecchetto&Associati has in particular:

– Experienced laboratories and offices in historical contexts bound and of extreme value, such as the docks of the Arsenale of Venice. Working with the method of the new contemporary “box” to be inserted inside the existing building without affecting it in any way. Thus creating a dialectical comparison between old and new construction methods and materials, without confusing and mixing identity and characteristics of the spaces.

– Cecchetto&Associati has also explored the new frontiers of office spaces, open spaces, which require great flexibility and adaptability, without losing the identity and recognizability of the places. The new headquarters of the Alperia and Edyna companies in Merano in South Tyrol are exemplary in this regard.

– Finally, he has repeatedly designed spaces and new building complexes placed in the center of small and large cities, participating and winning international competitions for the redevelopment of central places, where the co-existence of more activities and the overlapping of central functions becomes the new strategic objective to be pursued.